FreeD Printing

Multidirectional additive manufacturing

The FreeD Printing technology offers a robot-based 3D printing process based on the fused layer modeling process. By guiding the process head with a six-axis industrial robot, the process head can be oriented compared to today’s additive manufacturing systems. This multidirectional modeling process enables completely new modeling strategies compared to today’s modeling paradigm, with planar and horizontally oriented layers.


The new and innovative model building process FreeD Printing enables modeling in additive manufacturing (3D printing) with freely formed modeling layers for model building. For this purpose, the planning software automatically calculates the process paths comparable to conventional slicing programs, but taking into account the orientation of the process head by the robot that is possible with the system. With the development of appropriate modeling strategies, it is possible to model components with overhangs that can be manufactured without the support structures that would otherwise be required. In addition, material can be applied to existing, freely formed surfaces as well as the strand direction can be influenced, for example, to increase the strength of components.
The process offers the following key advantages, which increase the chances of using additive manufacturing processes in industrial production processes:

  • Shortening of planning process and construction time
  • Savings in production materials
  • No post-processing for removal of support structures
  • Adding material to existing surfaces
  • Influence of the strand direction during model assembly
  • Flexible and large construction space according to the working range of the robot

Trade fair appearances

FreeD Printing has already been able to present the technology at various trade fairs for additive manufacturing technology, including international ones, and to establish contacts with application and technology partners.

Rapid.Tech + FabCoc 3.D 2018
formnext 2018
formnext 2019
ruhrSUMMIT 2020


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