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Our Mission

Additive manufacturing processes offer new possibilities for the production of parts compared to conventional manufacturing processes. However, due to limitations of the common modeling pattern, many of the additive manufacturing systems do not use the full potential that the additive manufacturing processes basically offer. Our modeling method FreeD Printing revolutionizes the modeling pattern of many additive manufacturing processes by using a six-axis robot in the modeling process.

The technology

Today's modeling process

FreeD Printing

Kinematic limitations of many additive manufacturing systems lead to a common modeling pattern, where the model build-up is done with planar and horizontally aligned layers. By using a six-axis robot, model build-up with FreeD Printing is more flexible and thus creates fundamentally new possibilities for industrial production with additive manufacturing processes.

The advantages

Today’s common modeling pattern has significant drawbacks:

The multidirectional FreeD Printing modeling process thus offers new possibilities and significant advantages for industrial production of components with new improved properties.

Reduction of support structures

Modeling on curved surfaces

Combination of layer orientations

Additive manufacturing with FreeD Printing

Printing services


Manufacture even complex components without the limitations of other additive or conventional manufacturing systems and processes


Reduced costs due to the saving of manufacturing effort (time, and resources)

Large format printing

Produce large components by utilizing the working range of the applicable robot

You too can benefit from the advantages and new production possibilities that FreeD Printing offers for the manufacture of industrial components. Based on your product idea or a 3D model, we define the requirements together with you and develop an optimal strategy for the implementation of your project. Contact us and receive your individual offer.

Modular manufacturing systems

In addition to the production benefits listed, users of the technology will benefit from these advantages:


Customer-specific problem solutions for the manufacturing tasks by selecting the required system, process and software modules

Range of materials

Extendability to different additive manufacturing processes (LMD and WAAM) and materials (metals and high-performance plastics)

Production costs

Reduction of production costs due to lower manufacturing effort (time, resources, etc.)

Large format printing

Produce large components by using a robot with a large installation space

Our Startup History

Inventors' Award
START-UP-Hochschul-Ausgründungen NRW

09/2017 – 05/2019

ERCIS Science Award
Trade fair Rapid.Tech/FabCon
Trade fair formnext

06/2019 – 08/2020

start2grow 2020 1. Place
Company founding
Accelerator High.Tech.NRW 2. Place
Accelerator TechTour NRW
Accelerator EIT RAW Materials
CyberLab Accelerator
init Innovation Award
Trade fair formnext